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Composer, musician, engineer Cameron Halsey, has already racked up an impressive list of credits. “Music has been my greatest passion from my earliest memories.” So, it’s no surprise that the list includes-

-Pete Anderson(Dwight Yoakam, Michelle Shocked)

-Jack Tempchin

-Los Lobos

-Albert Lee

-John Doe and DJ Bonebrake(X)

-Michael Murphy (REO Speedwagon, Billy Vera, Pete Anderson)

-Greg Hanna(John 5, The Dickies, Pete Anderson)

-Jesper Kristensen(Wilson Phillips, Tatu, Pete Anderson)

-Joy Basu(Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez)

As well as many equally respectable artists, both live, touring, and in the studio.

Cameron’s additional education at the renowned recording school, Recording Workshop, has helped hone his craft into a composing contract with LabHits, Beyond Music and other publishing houses and music placements in television and films, such as ‘Miss March’, ‘Shoot First and Die Later’, and ‘Trust’.

No matter the situation, studio, live, or on tour, Cameron has established himself as the ‘Go to, do it all’ guy!

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